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    Payment gateway

    We offer individual solutions for online payments for all merchants. Whether you choose between a Payment Gateway or a Virtual Terminal, you can be sure that you have the best payment solution for the growth of your business. We’ll advise you on how to choose the most suitable solution and help you make the right decision.



    Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro, American Express a Diners Club


    Digital Wallets

    An easy and secure way to accept payments through your online store.


    • Fast crediting. Card transactions are credited to the account held with Raiffeisenbank on the next business day
    • Crediting card transactions to your account with Raiffeisenbank – each transaction is creditevd separately without any charge for incoming payments
    • Permanent overview of card transactions on your account
    • Simple implementation in your system (e-shop) and extension of payment methods by MasterCard Mobile and MasterPass

    Accepted credit cards

    Credit Cards Accepted

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